Third Grade math resources

This is a great resource that has small bits of math ideas to do with your child during your bedtime, or anytime, routine!  They are fun mental math problems and ideas for kids of all ages.  And the best part - it's free!  All you have to do is send them your email. Check it out today!
Bedtime math

Below are 3 categorized links to the K-5 Math Teaching Resources site.   This site provides an extensive collection of free resources, games, and printable hands-on-math activities that are aligned with our standards for mathematics.

Number Sense
K-5 math teaching (online games)
K-5 math teaching (printables and/or activity ideas)

K-5 math teaching (online games)
K-5 math teaching (printables and/or activity ideas)
Tessallation Creator

K-5 math teaching (online games)
K-5 math teaching (printables and/or activity ideas)

Below is the link to IXL website.  This is a great resource and touches base on all math topics including; number counting, skip counting, comparing, patterns, adding, subtraction, positions (inside, outside, left, right, etc.), fractions, time, sorting/ordering/classifying, data and graphs, probability, measurement, money, geometry and vocabulary.  

Whatever math topic your child is working on, needs extra help in, or just enjoys this website covers it!

Below is the link to Math is Fun website.  This site is for all ages and includes puzzles, measurement, geometry, algebra, and numbers.  Check it out!
math is fun

Below is Cool Math 4 Kids, which is a math site specially designed for what kids like and how they learn!
cool math 4 kids

The site below will help in building multiplication facts and fluency.
multiplication games

Below is Math Magician.  If your child likes a challenge, then this is this site for them.  Your learn your math facts while timed.  It covers addition, subtraction, mult iplication and division.
oswego web games

This website was developed to help students improve their math skills interactively.  There's games like Matho and Hidden Picture, puzzles and flashcards and printable worksheets.
a plus math

Below is a site that has a wealth of information on all topics.  For math this site includes a variety of games for learning number sense, sequencing, shapes, probability, fractions and decimals, multi player games, money, graphs, and more!  
covenant works